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We tend to make the things complicated.

Color represents the language of your soul.


Certified  Aura Soma Practitioner Level 3

Certified Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki

Certified Integrated Healing Practitioner  


<As a Therapist & a Healer...

Ever since I was a child, I had a special gift.

powerful intuitionI have been told that I have exceptional sensitivity and , and I have been aware of a spiritual power within me.


transAround the age of 20, this spiritual power developed further, leading me to meet various mediums and to learn how to use my gift to heal and help people.


exsitIn my mid-twenties, I have  gone through the life-after-death experience. When I was sent back to this world with the message fully realized that there is special meaning why we all in this world. I have now experienced that hte life-after-death is filled with Love and Light.


lightingOne day shortly after I came to the United States, I have experienced like being struck by , I felt an electric shock throughout my body. Then I heard the voice says, " Help turn on people's inner light, and lead them to the Light where they originally belong to..."


I remember that I was told that I would be a practitioner to guide people to turn on their spiritual gift. Soon, I encountered color therapy, and then developed my gift to be a Reiki Master / Teacher and an Integrated Healing Practitioner. I am now fully realized an ituitive healer and a therapist.


That's how my special journey began...


I conduct many sessions of adult children, Innner child and parent-child relationship counselling. I also provide counseling for the businessman to coaching.




When inspired by the message to guide people to the Light, I wasn't sure how I can do to help people. Following my heart, I have been conducting counseling sessions like Color therapy, Reiki and Integrated Healing.


For the reason that I had gone through the life-after-death experience, I strongly believe that you are the greatest gift you bring to this world, and live from your special vibrations will lead each one of us to remember that we all belong to the Light.


Approach to help changing your life may vary, everything eventually connects to the infinite realm to change and transform your own light. 

I will not do something special, however, I can help you to turn on your gifts, and to make your inner light brighter.

From there, you will find a way to heal yourself to move forward.



    Even when we are at our most confused, the Key to the solution is within yourself.

             Please let me help you release the powerful Light that lives within you.

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