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We tend to make the things complicated.

Color represents the language of your soul.


Subconscious channeling and re-writhing
(*The most popular and recommended session*)
Directly listening to your subconscious and
A session to remove unnecessary beliefs.
This session work for your past, present and future and
Create change in yourself in all dimensions.
Change the patterns in your life
Life will flow smoothly as your true yourself.
From a life based on others,
To live life based on your own exist.
Subconscious Channeling

Using my intuition & ask to your subconsciousness directly.
90 min $160 ( 17,000yen )

Initial Session $240 (25,000yen)

1 session  $220 (23,000yen)

1h30min-2h / 1 session 


You will get a dynamic change with this session. 


1h30m-2h / 1 session

All sessions work with Skype.



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