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We tend to make the things complicated.

Color represents the language of your soul.


<Comments from people who have actually undergone a subconscious reprogramming session>

<Mr. F>

The session was not just an IH session, but also included counseling, so there was a synergistic effect.

I was able to feel the effects very well! There are many healers and counselors out there.

I believe that people who are considerate and have high overall skills are extremely valuable, so I would like to continue to trust you in the future.

thank you very much!


<Mr. K>

There are actually problems not only in the areas I wanted to solve, but also in unexpected areas related to them.

I was surprised and really grateful to find out that I was alone.

It's scary to think about it... Thank you for saving me! I look forward to your continued support !

<Mr. O>

A tragic incident had caused me to feel distressed for many years, and even going to psychotherapy did not help.

After the IH session, I was surprised to find that there was another root cause for my suffering. At the same time, I was relieved to find something I hadn't known before. It's like a lie that I used to spend every day with an unstable mind, and now I spend my days with a calm mind. I can now interact with my children with ease. I'm now looking forward to receiving regular sessions and gradually changing the things I've been carrying around with me!

<Mr. K>

I thought I was just worried about work, but it wasn't. It was much deeper, and I discovered where the thoughts that I had been holding me back for a long time came from and how they were affecting me. I thought it was normal. What I thought was natural was actually an unnatural, distorted belief. By acknowledging this, I felt better and my worries disappeared as if by lies. It was a dramatic experience. The session lasted three hours, but it went by in a flash, and I felt better, as if I was unraveling a tangled thread. It felt like many things were making sense to me.

<Comments from people who have actually received color therapy>

<Mr. H>

I had a series of various accidents and felt physically and mentally exhausted, so I decided to try color therapy.

The bottle I chose perfectly represents my feelings...

And while I'm honestly talking about how I feel, I'll try my best again!

I was able to have a positive attitude. Thank you very much.

<Mr. E>

I was nervous at first, but it was a very fulfilling time.

I had another session of therapy after a while,

The things I chose changed between the first and second therapy sessions.

I didn't realize it myself

As I talked with Michiko, I realized that I was making progress.

I was able to gain confidence.

I'll come again next time. Thank you.

<Mr. T>

The feelings that are lingering in the depths of my heart, unable to be put into words,

I felt like Michiko was able to express it well through the bottle.

Once you have words, you can then turn them into actions.

This has given me the motivation to take the next step. Thank you!

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