We tend to make the things complicated.

Color represents the language of your soul.

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​Subconscious Channeling & re-writing
*Popular Session*
Removing your mind belief program and
re-writing your subconciousness

1 session  $200 (21,000yen)

You will get a dynamic change with this session!


1h30min-2h / 1 session 

​Subconscious Channeling
90 min $140 (15,000yen)
Using my intuition &
ask to your subconsciousness directly.
Numerology & Subconscious Channeling 
90min $150 (16,000 yen)
including 30min Numerology reading before session


Reiki Healing


30min  $40 (5,000yen)

60min  $60 (7,000yen)

​(Included spiritual reading)

Reiki Lesson


Reiki 1  $190 (20,000yen)

​Reiki 2  $190 (20,000yen)

​Reiki 3  $190 (20,000yen)

​Reiki 4  $290 (30,000yen)

All sessions work with Skype.


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