We tend to make the things complicated.

Color represents the language of your soul.

Integrated Healing

​<About Integrated Healing>

Integrated Healing is a revolutionary healing system that combines Psycology, NLP, CBT Psycology and applied kinesiology with its own unique method.


The founders Mathilda van Dyk and Nic Oliver has background as Psychology, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and Kinesiology Practitioner. I, Michiko learned from Mathilda directly in the United States.


They said, a very important aspect of permanent change is changing the programs that the unconscious mind is running. Our purpose to re-pattern the neurological pathways of the brain out old negative behavior patterns and install new positive ones by IH.



Lots of people that they had gone from therapist to therapist, and also from counselor to counselor without success. However, once we addressed the deep-seated root causes underlying their issues, their psychological and/or physical symptoms disappeared.


IH offers holographic approach to healing resulting in deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional, mental, spiritual, neurological and physical issues.


Kinesiology is approach to use a bio-feedback system through “Muscle Testing” to identifying areas of stress, dysfunction or imbalance in the body’s energy system.


There are many of kinesiology in the world, however Integrated Healing (IH) is one of the most powerful healing method.

<You will get>


A better understanding of your old behavior and patterns in your life.

Relate to yours from your point of reference or on your world.

​<Part of the Protocol>

Inner Child

Healing the Inner Child



Clearing Negative Amygdala Memories

Sabotage Programs

Let go of Sabotabe behaviour

Soul Integration

Hold back to complete ourselves

Blue Print

Back to Blue Print (Original when you were born) state

Deep Level Switching

Back to total Brain Integration

Energetic Cods

Cut all negative energetic cod


Restoring Cellular Environment


Clearing Phobias

Chamber of Memories

Release all energy blockages and negative memories

Medical Implants

Accepting Implants / Prosthetics

Survival Programs

Clear all Survival Programs

Self Limiting Beliefs

Release all self limiting beliefs

Generational Programs

Clearing Negative Generatonal Programs

Clearing Incongruent Belief Systems

Release and correct incongruent beliefs